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1996 Wellcraft 3600 Martinique

Grand Beach, MI
1996 Wellcraft

This is a great boat, with 12.six feet beam, generous outdoor locations, and a weight of 15,000 pounds. The 3600 Martinique was the flag ship for Wellcraft in 1996. The broad beam combines with generous displacement to add stability. Wellcraft produces the Scarab line of high efficiency off shore vessels, and are famous for hulls that knife through both choppy and calm seas with the same ease and convenience. The fit and function of this craft makes a visual statement of ... Fit and Finish, Meets Style and Function, and is wrapped in a performance hull including side exhaust that offer that deep throated mellow "tuned" engine exhaust once the boat is up on plane. The manufacturer asserts this 15,000 lb appeal will certainly climb up on plain in seven seconds. She has a top speed of 35, and cruises well between 23 and 24 MPH. She is equipped with "Freshwater Cooling" - meaning she is prepared for Salt Water in addition to fresh!