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1991 Bayliner Capri 5.0L Mercruiser inboard-outboard BOAT

Bismarck, ND
1991 Bayliner

'm the initial owner. It had 86 initial hrs on it and it showed. It only came with a cover. I proceded to include a tower, flourishing stereo including subwoofer, tower speakers, and amps. I also included a 105amp alternator and dual batteries to power the system. I added a battery switch since my son turned the key on and i didn't find it for over three days totaling up to about 80 hrs being acquired on the hour meter. I then proceded to set up an automobile fill/empty ballast system, 1200lbs at the flip of the switches. The sacks are Fly High and are made from the very same slit resistant material as the white water rafts. I also included a stainless steel High 5 Propeller to have GREAT hole shot and speed holding power. It is in terrific condition, just a few nicks. On the tower I included wakeboard racks, and a tower mirror. Last fall I included Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro- gps based. This is a speed control that holds the speed to.2 mph. Anybody can drive this boat.