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2017 Lund WC 14

Muskegon, MI
2017 Lund

2017 Lund WC fourteen Lund WC fourteen powered with a Yamaha 9.9 four cycle motor and on a Shoreland'r trailer. When quality is demanded in a fourteen fishing boat, the Lund WC fourteen rises to the top. Many of our best memories were built in small fishing boats, and Lund is proud to be a small part of those memories. Be it camping, hunting, or fishing, the Lund WC boats provide a smooth ride and a perfect fishing boat experience. Features may include: OTHER EXTERIOR Aluminum Encased Transom Aluminum Keelsons Bow Eye Flat Bottom Hull Drain & Plug Level Flotation Compliance Oar Locks Stern Handles OTHER INTERIOR Treated Marine Grade Plywood SEATS/PEDESTALS Cross Seats Modified Split Seat Perma-Ply Seat Tops