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1997 C-Hawk 25 Sport Cabin

Brooklyn, NY
1997 Pursuit

C-Hawk believes in the keep it simple philosophy and their design is enhanced by the battleship toughness of their construction. Since many of their boats are pre-owned in commercial applications, they must be built to withstand an environment that is much more non-forgiving than that of the recreational environment. They use high-quality ArmorFlex gelcote to prevent cosmetic problems. Their laminate schedule calls for alternate layers of woven and chopped mats which are hand-rolled by a team with over 30yrs' experience in lamination. All core materials are "no rot" Perma Ply marine Core to add to the structural integrity of their hulls. Stringers are 100% encapsulated in glass and resin and their "Unistructure" system bonds stringers, floors and transforms into a single unit providing for additional structural strength. The coastal environment brings with it corrosion, at C-Hawk, they take extra measures to fight Mother Nature's dislike for metal.